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Hardware GPL feedback

> Happy new year to everyone

Thanks, Graham!

It's well past my bedtime, so I will just make one comment and leave the 
detailed commentary for tomorrow night.

It seems geared entirely towards software patents, not hardware.  If so, then 
it lends credibility to an activity I consider obnoxious and against the 
original intent of the U.S. Patent Office.  I suppose one could change "code" 
to something that includes patented hardware designs, but then the parts 
about not being able to sell whatever one makes with the patent would have to 
be modified.  Otherwise, nobody will want the licensed design.

On a far less important note, can anyone think of a more creative name than 
"patent-left"?  Copyleft is a cute play on Copyright, and pronounces easily.  
Patent-left is more clumsy to say and seems somehow uninspired.  If there was 
anyone left who still pronounced it PAY-tent instead of PA-tent, one 
suggestion would be Freetent.  Freetent still seems clumsy to say, however, 
and the joke is based on an uncommon pronunciation.  Plus, RMS would have a 
fit because it would support the "free beer" interpretation of "free", 
instead of the "free speech" interpretation.  Any ideas?

Well, enough of this.  Goodnight!

Erik Brown
www.oomecs.org - a free (as in freedom) computer hardware/software