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Re: changes made/thanks (re hardware designs)

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Richard Stallman wrote:

> 	    At least thats the idea. I think the general feeling from our
>     community is that you are too busy finding problems with our goals and not
>     helping us look for solutions on how to adapt the GPL free software model
>     to free hardware.
> The most important help you need is to know that *some* of your goals
> are legally impossible.  When you recognize this, you have a chance of
> writing a license that will achieve the *rest* of your goals, those
> that are legally possible.

	I still think our goals are a bit vague, because we are not sure
of the legal issues.
> So I've been trying to explain what part of your plan is possible and
> what is impossible.

	Ok, cool. Its just not always clear to see.
> The other thing you need is to recognize that you have to start
> working with a lawyer now, not later.  Before you can usefully write
> drafts of licenses you need to have lawyer explain the principles they
> have to be based on.  You need to work with a lawyer at every stage.
> That is how I wrote the GPL.
	I couldn't agree more, but the problem is how? We have no
centralised community yet and nearly all of us have no access to lawyers
(mostly for finacial reasons).

	Cheers Adam