Protel Easytrax drivers V1.12 Category: tool
Steven Murray 31 August 2003; 17:25
Up-to-date video drivers for Protel EasyTrax/Autotrax/Dos schematic. Protel Easytrax is an (older) DOS PCB layout package - freeware - that is still widely used. These video drivers allow increased screen resolution (640x480 up to 1600x1200), operate under WIN95,WIN98,DOS,OS2, are compatible with most video cards (need VESA bios), have the capability of black background and have a faster arc draw (missing in the original drivers). The website has links to where you can download the drivers, the easytrax package, and related utilities.

This version adds fast redraw and supports forcing the video mode as an assembler equate.

  License: Public Domain homepage download

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